Saturday, September 11, 2010

Community Show this Weekend

The Thurmont, Emmitsburg community show is this weekend.  The have a photography section as part of the exhibits.  I put a handful of prints in.  It gives me a worthwhile reason to go through what I did the past year, and allows me to get some prints made.  There is something nice about an image in print form.  It adds something that you cannot get on the screen.

I encourage anyone that can to go and look.  There is a really nice picture of a netted crab.  I think it is my favorite in the exhibition.  If I had thought far enough ahead I would have written down the name of the exhibitor, and searched to see if it was available to view somewhere on the internet.

The picture at the top is the only one I entered that hasn't been posted here before.

Others entered :
Tobias with Dandelion (second picture on the page)
Doggy Picture
Poor attempt at a landscape
Dance Picture (top picture on page)
Hand Collage from Photowalk
Weedy flower picture (second on page)

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