Sunday, June 5, 2016

The last of a project


This is the final "official" image from a personal project I have been doing for the past 4 or 5 years. I haven't shared too many of these, maybe one or two at the most.

I decided to share this one because a) I like it a lot, it will end up in my portfolio when I change it up the next time and b) it is the final of this project.

Without getting into all the hows and whys behind the project, it has been "incognito" for this long, I will just let the picture speak for itself.

Good luck to all those I've left behind, and please wish the same for me!

Friday, March 4, 2016

New Stuff: Complete Man Project

I got involved in a project that is the brainchild of a friend.    Complete Man Project is a site dedicated to helping you be a better man, and person.
There is a website and facebook page.  Check em out, subscribe, like, or whatever else you do

I like archery, a lot.*  Too much, maybe.  The next few months I'm going to dedicate a lot of effort towards getting better at it.  I've done this with other endeavors, and know it will be hell as learn and try to apply more to my game.

To break this period up up a bit, I'm going to build a slingshot from scratch.  It will help me satisfy the same desire learn and curiosity I am chasing with archery, without the pain.  I am writing about the experience as part of Complete Man Project.  Article 1 is up.

*The picture is my wife's bow.  I liked archery enough I convinced her she needed her own setup.  Hers glows in the dark.  That is pretty sweet.

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Goals

Well, looking back on 2015's goals I seemed to fail miserably.

In a way.

I did satisfy the reading section.  The 2 Pulitzer prize winners I read were The Road by Cormac McCarthy and A Visit by the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan.  I also read some gigantic books by Brandon Sanderson, and Stephen King among a bunch of others.

My physical goal was derailed by an injury.  Stupid age.  Stupid deadlifts. I stopped pursuing this before the summer -- because I hurt my back.  It sucked.  It still kind of sucks.  I will take another try at this in 2016.  But it will be to simply get back to lifting.  Its a bit nerve-wracking after hurting yourself.

The art ones ... I didn't draw much, but I did build and paint models and miniatures instead.  I put the finishing touches on a few miniatures that were "almost" done, and had been that way for a few years.  I also started and completed 3 models.  I learned how to really use an airbrush.  I haven't had as much fun or success with models for a long time.

The pinhole car pictures didn't happen out of laziness.  And I didn't purchase a large format film rig to do the portraits with.  I still want to do these.  Purchase wise, a 4x5 camera has been high on the list of "wants".  But, given this is really unneeded in the grand scheme of things, it is a low priority.

I didn't really "redo" any rooms in the house either.  But they are arranged decently enough.

I did end up pursuing some things hard that weren't on the list.  I have always enjoyed archery and flinging arrows about.  But, I ended up chasing that target center much harder in 2015 than I planned.  It was a lot fun.  My daughter, and my wife, both ended up with bows as a partial consequence of this.  I, personally,  kept the bow I have had for 3 years.  It ended up with new strings (necessary), new sights (not really truly necessary), and new stabilizers though (I needed a real stabilizer, but maybe not as fancy as the one I bought).  I also switched my release--- which resulted in re-learning how to shoot.  I enjoyed the process.  I will be shooting in at least one league in a 2016, and I hope to get out hunting.

I did learn a few guitar solos from the Shady Grove album.  I also learned a few chord progressions, and have worked through some of the melodies for various songs.  Including, but not limited to, Reckless Kelly's Wicked Twisted Road, Metallica's One.  No lessons though.

I also got my Maryland Hunter's Safety card. That was an odd experience.  It was mostly about firearms, which, I personally don't care that much about.

The goals aside, 2015 was an interesting year.  No year is perfect, but I'm just going to discuss the things that were fun.  I got to see Ray Wylie Hubbard play.  He's a little bit country, a little bit americana, a little bit blues, a little bit rock and roll, and completely entertaining.

I got to shake Ray Lewis' hand at a book signing.  One thing that stood out to me was how much effort he put into having a small conversations with the kids there.  If you follow the link, you will see I have a picture of the same conversation the WTOP reporter captured. [As an aside, she was using her iPhone for her coverage.  It is all that is needed, no doubt, but it still saddens me a little bit. But, that didn't really stop me from putting a few phone pictures in this post!]

So for this year:


  • I will carry over the 5 car pinhole pictures.  It will be a fun project.  I just need to make the proper time for it, and meet a few more car people.
  • Make one photograph for each hour of the day.  They won't be hours from the same exact day. This will be interesting for a few reasons.  It is "discipline" photo project like a 365 project, but on much less demanding scale.  I have a feeling hours 3-6AM will be the difficult ones to get.
  • I have a bunch of model kits.  I'd like to finish a few.

  • Get back in a routine like I had last year before hurting myself
  • Still not going to run

Setting goals for this seems hard.  I have done so much reading the past few years it is only natural to continue, so I'll name some specific things
  • Read a book from an author I have never read a book by before
  • Read a book that inspired a movie
  • Still going to read the Bible.
I will also hope Winds of Winter comes out.

  • Participate in some type of organized shooting
  • Not sure what I want to do here yet, I will update this when figure it out

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Why? Because everything that is not a chicken has been too easy to photograph.

These chickens all have names that range from the straight forward like "Peaches" to the much more complicated "Mr. Fancy Pants".

In case you are wondering, chickens are harder to herd than children.

Monday, December 28, 2015

USS Pine Island

USS Pine Island Model

The USS Pine Island is the ship my grandfather served on from August 7, 1947 to January 6, 1950.  I built a Revell model kit of the ship as my mother's Christmas present this year.

Models are the reason I didn't hit the majority of my goals this year.  I worked on them instead.  When I made my goal list I wasn't even considering models.  Its fitting that I spent the last few months of the year getting this one together.

This was more complicated to build than my last one, but the paint scheme was a little less complicated.  Although, trying to build the greys up so they were interesting and not flat was a challenge.

As I said I build this as a Christmas present.  However, I was tempted to keep it.  I had a spot all picked out and everything!

However, I'll end up sticking a rotation of Star Wars models up there.  But, I'll need to build them first!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bunnies with hats.

Dueling Bunnies

Managed to get a few more subjects in front of my camera.  These are the pet rabbits we keep.  They don't usually wear hats.

Sheriff Bunny

This one is quite the little stinker.

The final two didn't quite make "the cut", but I left them here out of completeness.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Tobias as a Sailor

Sailor Tobias

My parents have my grandfather's Navy shirt.  It fits Tobias.  Either Tobias is very big, or my grandfather was small at 17 and 18.  Perhaps, it is both.