Monday, December 31, 2018

Christmas and New Years

I find it interesting we seem to slam all our "major" holidays together in quick succession.  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years barely are a month apart.

As I ran the gauntlet of this marathon holiday season and observed 2018, it seems it was a pretty rotten year for a lot of people.  I can't say it was a perfect year for me either, but relatively speaking, its not so bad - some challenges to work out for next year.  I do hope 2019 is better for everyone.

I also started thinking about past Christmases, and the presents, and if any of it was worth anything.  I remember a few I got as a kid, an Atari 2600, a Nintendo Entertainment System, a mini bike.  I don't have any of those anymore.  They were lost to time and/or yard sales.  The only one I have still is that Swiss Army knife pictured above.  I think its a Climber model, it has the tools listed in the current one, minus a "hook".  The internet told me those hooks were added to the line up around 1991, so if its true, this makes sense.  I carried that thing around for much of middle school and high school (don't try that today kids, you'll go to jail).  I also have a walk man that still works from that general era, but I can't recall if it was a Christmas gift.  I do remember it was bought with those S&H greenstamp books everyone was into back then.  I'm still not sure if the stuff is worth it, but, at least some of it lasts.

Quick book keeping note.  I will be using Amazon affiliate links for items linked as an experiment.

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