Sunday, October 7, 2018

Gaslands Cars!

Gaslands Trio

Again, its been a little while since the last post where I post up what I've been up to photographically or otherwise.  I've been doing bunch of every little thing, including making pictures, but I haven't used time to post them or write about them here.  I've been doing some modelling and I've had the chance to play a ton of table top games.  This post combines all 3 of those things.

It is going to have a bunch of pictures into how I turned a pack of cars that looked like this when I got them....

.. into the what is shown above.  None of the cars have any pre-built model bits attached to them. Everything either came with them, was scratch built, or was a "found" part.

The game they are for is Gaslands, and if you have any interest in games at all check it out.  The rulebook can be found on Amazon.  The templates and tokens can be made yourself, and the "models" are simply cheap toy cars.

The first thing I did was drill the rivets out on the bottom of the cars to pull them apart.  Unlike, say, Hotwheels these Maisto cars have no interiors.  I then stripped the paint from the bodies, taking car to leave a few flakes in on purpose.  I thought these might look like rust bubbles when I was done.  It sorta worked, but like most things I tried it felt a little out of scale.

I decided to go with one of the chunky cars first.  First I stuck some weapons made from styrene tube into the headlights, and some armor plate to the outside and inside.  I also modified the hood. I primed it up, and then painted in some dark and light areas using a dark grey on the lines, and some white to brighten up other areas.

After getting the car primed, I painted it red.  I added a few layers of highlighting to the car with an airbrush before painting in a few details with a hand brush.  After that I glossed the model, and used oil paints to add weathering effects and details.

The other cars followed similar steps.  Below are some of their "in progress" shots that show some of their process.

Finally here are the cars fully finished, individually, followed by a another shot of all 3 of them together!

Now, maybe get out there, play a game, build a model, or make a picture!!!!

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