Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thinking, pondering, searching

Last year I did something I don't do often. I entered pictures in the local community show. For those unfamiliar with the Thurmont/Emmitsburg community show (most of you?), it is a small fair similar to state fairs in the area. It is focused on the businesses and agriculture of the surrounding areas.

Exhibits are also accepted for arts and crafts created by us locals, including photographs.

It isn't a juried exhibition, which means everything gets in (I assume there are some "decency" standards that are probably best left unprobed -- although the instigator in me is sorely tempted to see what they would reject!). So, yes, there are really awesome images being displayed alongside my, well, whatever it is I do.

So, what am I thinking about? I'm trying to figure out what I should enter this year. Last year I was surprised -- I won. Yay me. The problem with that is I have no where to go but down. It doesn't matter that much I suppose, the pictures I liked that I entered didn't even place. Two I felt were so-so won their class. One of those won the whole shooting match. So, why should I worry when something that doesn't excite me wins? In case you are wondering how they got in the show in the first place if I wasn't excited by them... my wife picked them. She is better at finding the images others will like than I am.

Anyway, back to why worry? I assume its because I thinkI'm a big hack who should hang up the camera and walk away. I don't want any negative feedback to grow that perception! I'm only somewhat kidding...

But, I will enter. I just need to figure out what. Perhaps I should just let Carly pick em all.

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