Saturday, July 24, 2010

Worldwide Photowalk - Oldtown Federick, MD Year 2

Welcome to Frederick

I attended the Worldwide Photowalk again this year.  It was a lot of fun.

Yes, its a picture of grass.  I make a lot of this kind of stuff as warm ups, but rarely show it.

If it wasn't so blasted hot I probably would have carried only a camera and a lens.  But, I needed my bag to carry my drink in.  Since I already had the bulk I added a small amount of weight with a second lens.

Bike. I didn't use quite enough depth of field here, but I think it was better to err on the side of too little for this picture.

A pretty nifty church door to add to my door collection

I went with very little pre-planning.  My plan was very small and very simple.  I decided to concoct a "project" along the way and get a bunch of images for it, how is that for winging things?  This year I want to put together a collage of related images for my entry instead of looking for a single detail shot.  I found it in the hands painted onto the bridge mural.

I also wanted to gather some shots to try some of Photoshop's ability to blend and merge multiple images together into one.   I made a rookie mistake, and that didn't pan out.  I forgot to lock my exposure for the various images, but I still got to see what Photoshop could do.  I'm a little irritated about the mistake, because I should be beyond such silliness, and I rarely make technical errors.  Artistic errors?  Sure, I do that all time, but technique is rarely a problem.

One of the hands that could end up in my collage

This is a painting on the wall near the Carrol Creek Bridge

I think the real value in attending these is in meeting and listening to other photographers.  This year's bunch needed to be pretty dedicated to wander about in 100 degree F heat.

 And I'll end with this image.  I could NOT get what I wanted here.  I tried both my lenses, and this was the closest to what I wanted.  I have about 10 other attempts.  They all just don't really work.  I decided to show you anyway.


Solfrost said...

I can't wait to see how the hands thing turns out, hehe.

I like the bike!

Thanks for inviting me along, the Walk was a lot of fun! I wasn't dying from the heat nearly as much as I thought I would be.

Kelly S said...

Love your shots! It was great meeting you yesterday!

Ken said...

Chris, it was great having you along. I also liked the chance to see your shots. I really like the reflection in the van window.

Kelly, it was nice meeting you too. You were right, the world can be pretty small place. I got to see your Flickr set. The second closeup shot of the "foxlike" dog is great. I liked seeing the whole set, but I keep coming back to that one. The dog seems so heroic!