Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My kids playing tough

I got a new toy today, a new lens!  Its been a really long time since I (willingly) bought a new lens.  The last lens I got came bundled with a camera.  I had no choice, unless I didn't want to wait another handful of months for Nikon to clear up supply issues. I had to buy the kit.  I didn't want to wait because my local lab had stopped doing E6 film.  But the next youngest lens in my bag is older than Kathryn.

But, getting back to the present.  I bought a new lens.  For the curious it is Nikon's new 85/1.4G.  Yeah, I convinced myself I wanted it so much I pre-ordered it. There are many reasons I wanted it.  Most of them aren't rational.  Some are, but they stem from wants not real needs.  I really wanted a short telephoto for portraits.  My 80-200 doesn't focus close enough for me to use like I want for portraits at the shortest end-- and my 28-105 is a little too slow at 85mm for the look I wanted.  I also wanted a really fast lens.  Why didn't I go with the older 85/1.4D then?  After all it has been available forever, and is a lot cheaper.  I'm not sure I have a good answer for that.  But I'm happy with my choice.  I probably would be happy either way, so I wouldn't read much into that.

Of course, I needed to test it out.  Since I don't have any test charts or cats handy,  I employed the help of my kids.  You can see they are overcome with joy at the prospect.  I guess I could have tried to photograph the dog, but she wasn't in a cooperative mood either.

The little bit I got to play with it tonight I think it will help me do what I want.  I'll need some more time before I am completely comfortable with it.

But when I am, I will be using this one a lot.  I may write up one of my "reviews" some time.  I didn't really want to do that after only having it a few hours.

[ Note: That is chocolate on Tobias' face, not cuts -- but he thinks its cooler if you call em cuts. ]

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