Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bitten Heroes

Quick, September 2001, what springs to mind?  I think of a number of things.  First, I recall learning that Kathryn was on her way (found out September 9, 2001), followed by Carly's first doctors appointment (September 11, 2001 for confirmation).  We all know know what else happened that day.   The final thing I remember is attending the US Grand Prix at the very end of the month.

 I'm currently scanning a bunch of my old film and decided to start with these from this event.  Any guesses why?

I will explain.  This event was only 2 weeks or so after the 9/11 attacks.  This team generally wore the livery "Buzzin' Hornets" when they were in a country that would not allow them to advertise the tobacco product that sponsored them.  However, they chose to recognize their hurting host country that weekend.  Its one of the things I have never forgotten.


Brolzy said...

dude...I was standing right next to you on those shots! I have to dig up mine sometime from those days...

Ken said...

Yup, you may have been there for both of them? But the top one we were on the grandstands beside the pits and the front stretch. The bottom one we were in a crowd of people looking over Mickey and Minnie.