Sunday, May 23, 2010

Freedom Valley Center of the Arts Rehearsal

I spent some time this weekend making pictures for the Freedom Valley Center of the Arts.  I had the chance to create some individual pictures on white seamless, and group pictures on stage.

I had a few challenges. 

The first was I needed to find a way to do something "creative" while I was there.  The pictures I was there to make are created through my "technical" mind.  Once I have a setup put together, the hard part is trying to interact with the people out in front of you.  I also wanted to get a picture or two that was out of the norm. 

The second challenge was determining how could I go back and forth between stage pictures and individuals.  Ideally, I would simply have the stage lights set on one trigger frequency, and my individual lights set on another.  However, I do now own 5 trigger receivers.  In fact I only have 2, and both were needed for the stage lights.  I couldn't take time to move them around.  Of course, when I realized this I had a one of those fantastic moments of absolute terror that strike when you aren't sure what to do.  I calmed down, remembered that my Bees can be triggered optically and set my on board flash 1/100 power.  For the stage I used ISO 1600, and used ISO 200 for the seamless.  Power levels on the flashes were set to give me the same aperture in both locations.  It was just a matter of turning some dials as I walked back and forth.  Simple right?

The final challenge was trying to tear down fast enough.  I got it done, but I need to find a way to be faster at that.

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