Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Upgrade time!

They are updating our mobiles at work.  This is interesting to me for a few reasons.  The main reason is my current one only works to talk on as a speaker phone.  This has obvious drawbacks.  It is also interesting because it means I have an upgraded "always with me" camera! 

I will have 2 full megapixels vs the measly 1.3 I have now!  I'm moving up in the world. 

I'm being a little silly.  It doesn't matter much which camera I use.  I have fun either way. True, I tend to make a different style of picture with my phone than I do with my SLRs.  And, true, I'd never do a set for someone else on a cell phone (unless someone wants to volunteer for an experiment!).  But, I think I get some visually interesting stuff out of that crappy little camera.  I have made prints, too, and the quality is reasonable.  The images have an aesthetic about them that is difficult to match with a "real" camera.

To celebrate, and prepare to turn the old one in I dumped the pictures I have been making over the last few months to my computer.  I opted to post a couple of the more detail oriented/abstract ones.

It was a good change of pace to work with these images tonight.

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