Saturday, May 29, 2010


 The carnival is back in town.  I brought my camera along and played with silhouettes, slow shutter speeds, and details.  I got some pictures of the kids too, but they were either riding with our neighbor or complete strangers.  I don't have permission to post those.  Although I will say there a few cute ones of Tobias and "girlfriends".

I learned a few things.  The first thing I learned is my D200 is worse at ISO 400 than a remember.  Its not  objectionable to me, and it won't impact prints at all, but I was surprised a bit while preparing these files.  The second thing I learned was I think handheld images can be more interesting than their tripod mounted counterparts if blur is a major part of it.  I also learned my timing with the shutter is better than I thought.  There were quite a few times I thought I missed faces and such as things were flying by.  But, when I got back here to look at stuff, not only do I see the faces I thought I missed, but they are in perfect focus!

I hope you find these interesting.  I had a lot fun looking for these.  I pressed the shutter a lot.  I think I've finally broken completely free of the chains I wrapped around my hands from shooting film.  I'm hope this leads to some better pictures.  Of course, at some point, I will need to reapply some limits.  Being too free with the shutter can be just as bad for your photography as being too stingy.

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Tim said...

The image of the Round Up and the ferris wheel are very cool and they definitely capture the feeling of being at a carnival.