Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Infrared experiment

Like most photographers,  I have a piece of gear I want.  Unlike most photographers my want doesn't even border on practical.  Although, I'd overuse it to the point of "gimmicky".  I've always been fascinated by the type of pictures it would make.

That want is a camera that has been modified to record the near IR spectrum instead of normal visible light.  I have played with this before.  Older dSLR cameras have a weak IR filter.  This means if I use a filter that blocks visible light the camera can easily record IR.  Newer cameras, like my D200, have much better IR filters.  This makes it hard.  It didn't stop me from trying.  It works.  Barely.  But it works.

I didn't have much time out there.

Shortly after figuring out the metering (about 4 stops over what the meter says), and making this picture, Tobias had the biggest Big Wheel wreck possible that doesn't result in hospitalization.  I needed to go attend to that instead of try more pictures.

White leaves, and snot green clouds, IR makes every exposure an adventure!

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