Thursday, July 30, 2009

A bit of playtime

Its been a little while since my last post. I think I wore myself out with the Photowalk. I didn't stop making pictures. I spent a lot time experimenting with things on the post-capture side of things. I like doing this with interesting things I capture daily with the cell-camera. The main reason is because they are small files, they don't tax my aged computer! I've been playing with real cameras too, I'll post some of those in the near future.

What else has happened since my last post? Nikon announced some new goodness. The thing that has me interested the most is the D300s. Yeah, I know, I just got a new camera. Yeah, I know its expensive. Man, you guys talking in my head are starting to sound like my wife, but hear me out. My photography related goals require having a backup camera. I know the D300s is a DX sized sensor, but I have lenses that mimic the views I get on my D700, so that is a non-issue. Besides, right now I already have cameras of different sensor sizes backing each other up. I also like the smaller sensor when I pop on my telephoto lenses, they never have enough reach anyway! The control layout of the D300s and D700 also appears to be exactly the same. Nice. However, the real reason I want a new DX body is... if I get a new one then I can ship my D200 off to be converted to an Infrared camera. I really want to do that right now, but the necessity for "proper" redundancy in my gear holds me back. Will I get a new camera soon? Doubtful, but its nice to know when I do decide to a good choice exists.

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