Saturday, August 20, 2016

More models

Alas, probably not the models you thought when you saw the title.  More on that below.

Roughly a year ago, I finished I completely finished the first model kit I had done in a long, long time.  I quickly followed that with the second kit.  That one I was pretty motivated to work on diligently because gifts have deadlines.

This year I finished a few more.  I did an older SD Gunpla kit I had lying around from a while ago.  It isn't pictured.

I painted up a starter box for Privateer Press' Warmachine game.  They are painted to a gaming standard.

I am nearly complete with Star Wars Snowspeeder kit from Bandai.  I need to matte coat it when the weather hasn't made my house as humid as a sauna.  I also built the Trooper figure from Bandai's Star Wars Speederbike kit.

I'm not much of a model builder, so this is a bit unusual.

I haven't done as many pictures as I'd like, partially because of all these things probably.  However, I want to change that.  I am looking for people that will spend an hour or two with me to work on chasing "one" picture together.  During that time, I also want to capture a frame or two with my pinhole camera -- those will be experimental, and likely feel slow and fiddly while were making them.  

I'm interested in doing portraits of individuals, no groups, etc.  Anyone interested?

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