Monday, December 28, 2015

USS Pine Island

USS Pine Island Model

The USS Pine Island is the ship my grandfather served on from August 7, 1947 to January 6, 1950.  I built a Revell model kit of the ship as my mother's Christmas present this year.

Models are the reason I didn't hit the majority of my goals this year.  I worked on them instead.  When I made my goal list I wasn't even considering models.  Its fitting that I spent the last few months of the year getting this one together.

This was more complicated to build than my last one, but the paint scheme was a little less complicated.  Although, trying to build the greys up so they were interesting and not flat was a challenge.

As I said I build this as a Christmas present.  However, I was tempted to keep it.  I had a spot all picked out and everything!

However, I'll end up sticking a rotation of Star Wars models up there.  But, I'll need to build them first!

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