Sunday, March 5, 2017

Even More Models


It has been quite a while since my last post. I will do better. I will visit last year's goals (a disaster for the most part), and discuss what I plan to do this year with this blog. One of the things I have done that was on my goal list was to build up models. You see, I ended up with a large stash (for me) of Bandai Star Wars kits. There was some concern that the Disney Banhammer was going to prevent these kits from being sold in the US, so I bought many of them. From what I understand "real" modelers are not bothered by large amounts of unbuilt kits sitting around. However, it is driving me nuts, so I am working my through them.


The latest two I finished were an X-wing fighter kit that I kept fairly clean, and Darth Vader's Tie Fighter Advanced to chase it around.  As an aside, the Bandai Tie Fighter models might be a good choice for you if you are interested in building a Star War's kit but do not want to paint it.  You could use a marker to line the panel markings, apply the kit-supplied stickers on the interior, and spray it with a rattle-can of Testor's Dull Cote to take the sheen off. It would look pretty good.  You could even decide to go "crazy" and look up on Youtube how to use a wash to accent the panel lines and dirty up the surface a little bit.

Tie Fighter Advanced

I also built another little SD Zaku II kit, to go with my first one.  I added some of my own details to his shield, helmet, and some armor enhancements with plasticard bits.  I also used some after market decals.

It is a little ironic I did the "grunt" figure much better than the hero one.  But, that is to be expected.  I was just learning how to airbrush with that first model, and I've done a few more kits since then.

Don't worry, this will not become a blog about models.  In fact, the next actual content post will be about my favorite photo shoot from last year.

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