Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Goals

Well, looking back on 2015's goals I seemed to fail miserably.

In a way.

I did satisfy the reading section.  The 2 Pulitzer prize winners I read were The Road by Cormac McCarthy and A Visit by the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan.  I also read some gigantic books by Brandon Sanderson, and Stephen King among a bunch of others.

My physical goal was derailed by an injury.  Stupid age.  Stupid deadlifts. I stopped pursuing this before the summer -- because I hurt my back.  It sucked.  It still kind of sucks.  I will take another try at this in 2016.  But it will be to simply get back to lifting.  Its a bit nerve-wracking after hurting yourself.

The art ones ... I didn't draw much, but I did build and paint models and miniatures instead.  I put the finishing touches on a few miniatures that were "almost" done, and had been that way for a few years.  I also started and completed 3 models.  I learned how to really use an airbrush.  I haven't had as much fun or success with models for a long time.

The pinhole car pictures didn't happen out of laziness.  And I didn't purchase a large format film rig to do the portraits with.  I still want to do these.  Purchase wise, a 4x5 camera has been high on the list of "wants".  But, given this is really unneeded in the grand scheme of things, it is a low priority.

I didn't really "redo" any rooms in the house either.  But they are arranged decently enough.

I did end up pursuing some things hard that weren't on the list.  I have always enjoyed archery and flinging arrows about.  But, I ended up chasing that target center much harder in 2015 than I planned.  It was a lot fun.  My daughter, and my wife, both ended up with bows as a partial consequence of this.  I, personally,  kept the bow I have had for 3 years.  It ended up with new strings (necessary), new sights (not really truly necessary), and new stabilizers though (I needed a real stabilizer, but maybe not as fancy as the one I bought).  I also switched my release--- which resulted in re-learning how to shoot.  I enjoyed the process.  I will be shooting in at least one league in a 2016, and I hope to get out hunting.

I did learn a few guitar solos from the Shady Grove album.  I also learned a few chord progressions, and have worked through some of the melodies for various songs.  Including, but not limited to, Reckless Kelly's Wicked Twisted Road, Metallica's One.  No lessons though.

I also got my Maryland Hunter's Safety card. That was an odd experience.  It was mostly about firearms, which, I personally don't care that much about.

The goals aside, 2015 was an interesting year.  No year is perfect, but I'm just going to discuss the things that were fun.  I got to see Ray Wylie Hubbard play.  He's a little bit country, a little bit americana, a little bit blues, a little bit rock and roll, and completely entertaining.

I got to shake Ray Lewis' hand at a book signing.  One thing that stood out to me was how much effort he put into having a small conversations with the kids there.  If you follow the link, you will see I have a picture of the same conversation the WTOP reporter captured. [As an aside, she was using her iPhone for her coverage.  It is all that is needed, no doubt, but it still saddens me a little bit. But, that didn't really stop me from putting a few phone pictures in this post!]

So for this year:


  • I will carry over the 5 car pinhole pictures.  It will be a fun project.  I just need to make the proper time for it, and meet a few more car people.
  • Make one photograph for each hour of the day.  They won't be hours from the same exact day. This will be interesting for a few reasons.  It is "discipline" photo project like a 365 project, but on much less demanding scale.  I have a feeling hours 3-6AM will be the difficult ones to get.
  • I have a bunch of model kits.  I'd like to finish a few.

  • Get back in a routine like I had last year before hurting myself
  • Still not going to run

Setting goals for this seems hard.  I have done so much reading the past few years it is only natural to continue, so I'll name some specific things
  • Read a book from an author I have never read a book by before
  • Read a book that inspired a movie
  • Still going to read the Bible.
I will also hope Winds of Winter comes out.

  • Participate in some type of organized shooting
  • Not sure what I want to do here yet, I will update this when figure it out

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