Friday, March 4, 2016

New Stuff: Complete Man Project

I got involved in a project that is the brainchild of a friend.    Complete Man Project is a site dedicated to helping you be a better man, and person.
There is a website and facebook page.  Check em out, subscribe, like, or whatever else you do

I like archery, a lot.*  Too much, maybe.  The next few months I'm going to dedicate a lot of effort towards getting better at it.  I've done this with other endeavors, and know it will be hell as learn and try to apply more to my game.

To break this period up up a bit, I'm going to build a slingshot from scratch.  It will help me satisfy the same desire learn and curiosity I am chasing with archery, without the pain.  I am writing about the experience as part of Complete Man Project.  Article 1 is up.

*The picture is my wife's bow.  I liked archery enough I convinced her she needed her own setup.  Hers glows in the dark.  That is pretty sweet.

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