Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Goals

Coorporate Drone

I took a look back on last year's goals, and for the most part everything was accomplished.  We are still working on the house and continuing to clean up.  I expect this will be forever ongoing.  However, we haven't stopped, and with the basement accomplished cleaning up the the other areas is much smoother.

One of the things I noticed is last years goals all fell within the realm of habit forming.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing.  For example, the more I cleaned and organized the more ideas I had that I implemented, started on, or have planned for the future.  The more I read, the more things I felt like reading.  The more I used the pinhole camera, the more I understood about photography and the more interested I was in other ways to photograph, like wet plates and such.

However, this year I want to build on those habits and go after specific "merit badges".

So, again, in no particular order...


  • Make at least 5 pictures of classic cars with my pinhole camera.  This will start a project I conceived early last year.  I think I have learned enough that I won't waste anyone's time by completely blowing a shot now.  Five is chosen because it is do able and I can only think of three cars off hand.  I will have to do some leg work to get all five.
  •  Make 1 portrait of a non-family member with a 4x5 or larger view camera.  This one requires finding or purchasing a camera and getting familiar with it.  I already know who I want to photograph, scheduling could be interesting for that person though.
  • Draw more, and create 2 finished items this year
  • Get back to a 300+ pounds dead lift.  Yeah, I know, you strong people are snickering, but whatever.
  • I may add run reasonably paced mile here.  But not yet.  I hate running any meaningful distance more than anything.  Adding it as an item would just be torture.  
  • Learn more of the guitar solos on this album.  The exact number depends on if I can manage the time for lessons or not.  I think without them I could learn 2-3, with them I could probably learn many many more than that.
  • Along the way read at least 2 Pulitzer prize winning novels.  I chose 2, because I already have one on "my list" so just reading that one isn't really fair now is it?  I'll pick another one.  They all should be good right?  I mean, they won a prize.
  • Bible reading.  I can't really make a specific goal.  I get through at least part of every book every year.  So, I will aim for that again.  The problem with saying "I will read the WHOLE thing!", is when I've set out to do that it wasn't very beneficial -- the order of the devotionals never made sense, was never where I needed to be.  You only need what you need on any given day, and sometimes you go back to it over and over again on different.  So, this one will not change from a "habit forming" goal-- despite already having the habit.  

  • Redo the office
  • Redo the "music" room
So, I think these will be enough personal goals, the ones just for me.  Have fun making and reaching your own goals!

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