Friday, January 2, 2015

Favorites of the Year: 2014 Edition

I skipped doing this last year.  I'm in a similar spot to last year, in that there were a few of my favorites I wasn't sure I wanted to stick out there for various reasons.  This year I've decided I don't care.  I miss not having a post to go look at right now. These are not in any particular order.

Rocking Chair

This is one of the 4x5 pinhole pictures I made.  It was captured onto to direct positive paper.  This represents the best out of my pinhole attempts I think.  It looks great in person too.


This was one of my first attempts at a serious portrait with the x100s that was close. I had been using the camera because of its short lens back a lot further. But, I wanted to see what happened closer.

E.  Kindergarten Graduation 

I liked what happened well enough I kept doing it.  This was the last day of school.


The light in this one looks good. I also like that it looks like a studio picture, when the reality is so far away from a studio it isn't funny.

Vacation Picture

This one is nice because it sums up the summer pretty well.


The typical distance I was working the x100s.

Cellos work Outside Too

One of the "planned" pictures that ended up being planned by surprise. I know that sounds confusing. I am not going to explain it though.

Coorporate Drone 

He doesn't do this to often anymore, and I thought this was the most fun from the handful we did this year.

A Restaurant Portrait


These two put together because they represent most of what I did carrying my small camera around everywhere this year.  Its the kind of thing we tend to use cell phones for.  I'm pretty happy these were not done with a cell phone though.  They wouldn't, technically, be as nice.

Truck Panorama

I saw this truck at a car show. It reminded of one my grandfather drove over 35 years ago. I still remember quite a few of the trips I took in that truck.   [ This one is a stitched panorama and looks better over on flickr if you click through. ]

So, that is my look back at my favorites of this year.  I'm surprised how many of these were done with existing light.  It is the majority.  I think it is because I just did more pictures this year with what was there.

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