Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Time to look back on 2014

Pinhole Camera on a negative, poorly developed, still learning....

This is probably the first year in a while I'm not happy to be sending off.  It was pretty good.  Sure, it had a few disasters, and yes some really major ones, but all years do.  This year had so many little good things about it, all the difficult stuff was overshadowed.

I read through my goals, and I hit all of them.  More importantly, deliberately chasing these down lead to cool things I didn't plan.  For example clearing the basement led into building a workbench, which led into a whole host of projects including building speaker stands, repairing speakers, building a headphone amplifier, and I finally have one SINGLE place for the handful of tools we own.

I've decided to make the rest of the house the focus this coming year.  I started over the past summer, but we've been in that in between stage where everything is really a big mess for a while now.  Too long, its mostly my fault, I'm just not here enough and I'm the one dumping everything out of the closets and other places we hid it.

We ran off to Kentucky over at the end of July to visit some family friends.  It had been on "the list" of things to do for a while.  Should have done it a long while ago.

Discovered a nearby barbecue place that is pretty fantastic.  The music feed they were playing introduced me to Ray Wylie Hubbard.  If you don't know him, you might be better off-- his stuff ain't Kumbaya --but its well done and entertaining.

Got to meet some new international friends.

Played music on stage for the first time since high school.  Its still terrifying.

Kathryn had a huge year.  I won't list it all out, she's 12, she is embarrassed easily.

I think Tobias finally found an activity he likes -- that doesn't involve video games.

I've had the chance to watch others beat stuff that has been holding them back.  I've seen others succeed in things they thought they wouldn't.  I've had the chance to watch people take huge leaps of faith-- that haven't worked out yet.  But, I think they will.  These things are just as exciting, maybe more so, because I didn't have to live the hard part!

I look forward to next year.

And, yes, I will do a "favorites of the year" post this year.  I skipped it last year, and I sorta miss it.

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