Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What I Did This Summer Video

As part of in service Carly had to do something "creative".  Kathryn baked a lot of cakes this summer, so Carly decided a beach decorated cake seemed like a good idea, since we went to the beach and stuff.

I decided this might be a reasonable chance to make the little video I put on my goal list for the year.  So I did.

I just finished reading "How to Shoot Video that Doesn't Suck".  I'm not sure if I actually succeeded in making a video that doesn't suck, but if I didn't it is not the book's fault.  The book is excellent.  It isn't about the technical ins and outs of video.  It is how to think about making a video, from planning, to shooting, to putting it all together.  I think this is how creative how-to books should be.  All too often books are rehashes of instruction manuals with the addition of showing examples that different settings have on the results.

Out of the many photography "how to" books I really enjoy, the only one that feels purely technical is "Light, Science, and Magic", which is a special book precisely because it is so technical.  I have found other technical books useful at various points in my journey-- but, I wouldn't call them page-turners.

What are ya'lls favorite "how-to" art books?

[ sorry about making you sit through a 60 second video that may suck. ]

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