Sunday, April 22, 2012

FCS 2012 Banquet Label

Last weekend I participated in the annual FCS end of year banquet, and made a few pictures.  I think this year's label will be built around the idea shown here.  I print the labels on a black and white laser printer so I try my best to design something that will look on them.  I've found that deep blacks matched with not so bright whites looks the best to me when printed on my labels.

I did find a solution to the "look at me" problem with the senior group shot.  I took them back to my background and left the stage, and a room full of people behind.

I also watched how the professional handled it with the little league parents this weekend.  His solution was to turn and yell at people.  I didn't think that helped, especially when you think about how many little kids like to see their parents get yelled at.  Granted, parents were distracting their kids, but part of working with people is not being a jerk.

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