Thursday, April 26, 2012

Washington DC

Office Rooftop

My office was recently moved to Washington D.C.

This has a few good things for me. It also has one, but really really big, not-so-good thing for me.  However,  it is rather pointless to focus on the negative aspects of a situation, and try to take advantage of the positive ones.

One of the good things is our office building has roof access.  Since we arrived I've been waiting for a good day to try this.  I needed a day that was overcast enough to produce a picture that was nicely saturated. I didn't want to lose bits of the buildings in deep shadows, or blow out the highlights.  I also didn't want to get soaked in the middle of the day with rain, or make a completely dreary picture.  Today was the perfect day to try.

This is one of the first times I have made a stitched panoramic like this.  I learned a little bit here, and next time I will be able to pre-visualize what I will get a little bit better.

This NEEDS to be viewed on flickr.  It looks pitiful on this page. I suggest the lightbox view to get the overall effect, and to scroll around a much larger file to find fun details.  There is a Fed Ex truck in there, some graffiti, a Mercedes that is almost being rear-ended, and other neat stuff.  If you look hard enough you may even find Waldo (or not, I've heard Waldo has been replaced.)

I will probably do this again at some point.  This one is fun, but I should be able to improve upon it.

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