Saturday, April 21, 2012

Little League Opening Day

Today was the opening day for Emmitsburg's Little League.  They make a big deal of the event.  The teams walk through the square with our local fire department's equipment.  The mayor even came out to walk with the teams ( the gentleman wearing the blue hat above).

One of the trucks.

Another, a little smaller.

 Two more trucks.  I'm not sure why we have so many, but we are also home of the National Fire Academy so it does make sense we maintain a top-class firefighting and emergency response crew.  I don't know how others in town feel, but I like having them here.

This one Tobias has decided is his truck.  The reason for that is a story that I'm not going to put here.  Although it did make the Frederick News Post.

And yes, ball was played.

Tobias has been pretty enthusiastic about hitting this year.  Here he displaying a bit too much enthusiasm.  He toned it down a bit and made contact later in this at bat.

I think he needs to learn that playing defense requires paying attention to what is happening with the ball.  But, I suppose he will get there soon enough.

All in all its a fun, but long day.  It's good the weather held off long enough for us to finish up.

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