Monday, May 3, 2010

Seems to me...

It seems to me that people photography is mostly about people, and only a little about photography.  Its certainly not about a better camera, or flash, or technique.  People photography is about  people.

Other photography seems the same.  At least it is in my case.  If I'm thinking about anything except the subject and what I want it to look like, the pictures suck.  That includes thinking about things like the camera, the lens, aperture, shutter, metering, etc.  I need that to be so ingrained in me that it happens automatically.  I practice a lot to make sure it does.  There is a connection between a photographer and subject that needs to be there, and it requires the photographer's complete attention.  Sometimes it requires the subject's attention too.

This was brought home this weekend.  I played photographer at a dedication.  It was fun.  But, anytime a small group of people gathered they had about 50 cameras pointed at them at the same time.  Guess who they looked at?  Right.  Not me.  They looked at whoever they knew best.  However, being the creative little bugger I am, I went with it.  Yeah, I've seen these type of pictures before, but now I know why!  Of course, I'm kidding around a bit, see my "actual" snap of the God-parents too.

The point is, whoever had the subject's attention got the most powerful picture.  Nothing else will matter. 

I did managed to get someone's undivided attention.... ( well, for at least 1/125 of a second )

I also caught a couple snaps of the man of the hour, taking a bit of break from the festivities.

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