Friday, April 30, 2010

Playing in the rain

I guess it wasn't really so much rain, but a steady decent drizzle.  I'm always intrigued by what things look like in the rain.  They have a very crisp appearance.  When I think about it, that is strange, without knowing different I would expect things to look like soggy Wheaties in the rain.

Another benefit of rainy days is light is usually diffused and the whole world is illuminated evenly.  We may find that a bit dreary, but it makes easy work for a camera.

I arrived home, stuck the camera up on a tripod and played around for 15 or 20 minutes.  I then came inside and dried everything back off.

Again, I am trying to play around with the outdoors and landscapes.  I'm still not sure I will ever really "get" this, but at least I got to play outside in the rain.


Charity said...

You might not think you've gotten it, but that first picture is beautiful! The color is amazing.

Ken said...

Thanks Charity!