Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tim, Sandy, and Logan

Tim and Sandy came by today to get passport style photos.  We decided it would also be reasonable to try family style shots.  Its not something I have done that much of, so its a bit of a learning process.

The last time Sandy was in front of the camera Logan was still hiding from us all.  It was cool to see him on the outside.  This close up of him is Carly's favorite from the night.  I think I can do better (the light is positioned too low!), but he is pretty darn cute despite the photographer.

We made some pictures outside too.  I think Logan looks sophisticated in this picture.

I find I have a lot to learn, and I appreciate them spending time in front of my camera! 

I'm not sure if this last picture is my favorite, or if it should be an out take.  Either way, I kinda like it, I bet we all feel like this little guy sometimes!

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