Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I think my internet connection got fixed this morning.  I will see when I get home.  But I brought our laptop out and about to schedule this post.

Back in the fall I was able to photograph Tim and Sandy.  I got to followup recently and get some pre-baby pictures of Sandy done.

Tim plays with cameras too, and he is lucky.  Its tough to make bad picture of Sandy.  So Tim, get your camera out. The following shot is a lighting test.  I just aimed the camera from my hip and pushed the shutter.  Sure, I chopped her head off, but I wasn't really trying to make a picture here.   (Sorry about your head there Sandy!)

Not every picture I made was dumb luck.  I kinda like the way the following ones look.  They fit themes of new expectations, new doors and all those thoughts waiting for a new baby can bring.


The next picture is my favorite from the day.  I have no particular reason for that I guess.  It just looks cool to me.  Again, it has the whole door thing going on.  I also haven't placed subjects dead center in the picture very much, so this looks "different" to me.  I provided a frame within the image too, and she isn't centered in that-- .  I don't know, I'm just making stuff up at this point.  I probably should have just said "this is my favorite" and left it at that.

Thanks for looking.  Sandy, thanks for being patient and having some fun in front of the lens.

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