Thursday, January 21, 2010

A little fun

I got the camera phone out again.  I always have it out I guess, but I finally dumped off all the images to go through this weekend.  I have a lot of fun seeing the little details that caught my attention.

The first is something you might find on a site like fail-blog.  Ideally it wouldn't have any camera-shake, and it would show the whole shelf.  A few things stood in my way for that.  Those things were about 4 feet tall and wandering about in front of the shelf.  They were other people's children.  I never want to give strangers the the notion that I am trying to photograph their kids.  This misunderstanding can get people arrested or worse.  Here is the picture taken at the local Barnes and Nobles.


The other two are nice abstracts.  These were taken of a table's surface at a Chinese carry out place.  The light is a tungsten thingy hanging on a "string" out of the ceiling.  Moving just a little completely changed the design that was captured.  I love that table.  I may go back for the table, although the food really isn't worth the trip.

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