Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tiny Bubbles

Tiny bubbles
In my milk
Make me feel happy...

That is not really how the song goes, but it will do for now.  I am not sure if I have written this before, or not, but I tend to go in cycles about how I feel about my photography.  I have short periods of time when I'm way too happy with it, and short periods of time when I have tremendous doubt about anything I make.

I found a defense mechanism to cope with each of these.  Ironically, I do the same thing to fix both.  I try something new.  I try to find an idea to chase that will push me to solve a problem, or is simply just fun.  I always discover I have a lot to learn, but I always end up with a picture that is interesting to me. 

This weekend I found myself at the "wow, I must be terrible" end of the curve.  I spent time looking through the website of a few photographers.  I didn't feel like I was any better than them, and I really didn't like anything I saw. I then started wondering how I would feel about my own stuff if it wasn't mine.

I caught myself early, and started thinking about making a picture instead.  This is what ended up popping out of that experience.  Now I'm back to healthy thoughts about what I do.  Its not bad, but, I still have many areas I can improve. 

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