Friday, August 28, 2009


From the first moment I picked up a camera I thought rainbows could make good pictures. Fifteen years or so later I still think that. Fifteen years later, I have yet to make a good one! I've had a few so-so tries. I recently had a chance to try again.

The interesting thing, to me, is how the tobacco colored sky responded to a white balance change. Its much more pleasing as blue, created by the use of the incandescent setting. If anyone is curious, I'll post a daylight balanced image for comparison. I also think I should have grabbed a rather empty expanse of sky to use as a texture. It appears to be the new fad -- overlay portraits with textures. It maybe fun to try out once or twice for fun, but I think I still prefer good clean photographs.

The good rainbow pictures you can find in books, or postcards, or whatever, always have a strong foreground element too. I have yet to be fortunate enough to be in a place with an appropriate subject to put in relation to the rainbow. Or, it could simply go back to my landscape difficulties! I have one other picture I will work up that features this rainbow. Maybe it will be good. I'm not sure yet.

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