Sunday, August 30, 2009


I managed to break my foot this weekend. I still don't really know how. I jumped on the floor, from the floor. Since my standing vertical leap is about three and three fourths inches it makes no sense to me.

Right now I'm listening to my wife being exasperated with the kids. I can't help.

I'm a firm believer in Romans 8:28, although tonight I'm not really feeling it. I'm mostly still trying to figure out what "normal" will be for the next few months. I'm sure the good outcome will reveal itself in due time.

On the plus side, it doesn't hurt. Well, it doesn't hurt unless I am foolish enough to walk on the temporary cast. I have a couple of new CDs to listen through. I dug up a few of my Go problem books. I have a bottle of generic Vicadin, although its doubtful I will touch it. If I need to take the edge off, I think a bottle of Hoegaarden is probably just as effective, less addictive, and certainly tastier. So, in general, the next day or so should be okay. But, I wonder how I'm going to work once the initial injury is taken care of.

This probably the most annoying accident I have had, although its not the most painful.


JonOfTrout said...

Dang, that stinks...

Solfrost said...

D'oh, sorry to hear about your injury. Hope you heal up quickly! Perhaps I need to come up and knock back a hoegaarden with ya. :)

Ken said...

@solfrost -- I'm up for any visitors. :) I'm going to try not to move for a week though. Apparently this is a hard to heal kinda break, I'd like to avoid surgery!