Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Unplanned Opportunity

I know I have been complaining for a while that planned picture shoots were not working out. They haven't been. Today we had a storm roll through, and the clouds were amazing. I used that as a bit of an "unplanned shoot".

I don't carry my "good" camera all the time. But, better photographers than I will tell you the "best camera is the one that's with you." As I have shown before, my phone has a camera, so I pressed it into service yet again. This time, maybe I missed my real cameras, but that's okay.

I think I have touched on this idea in the past before, but its important to me. I could have passed up the chance, too worried about "quality", but photographers photograph. I think that is true about anything. One of my English Professors told us "If you want to be a writer, than #$%ing write!" Cooks must cook. Sculpters must sculpt. Potters must ... make things with clay? You are only the things you do, not the things you think about, not the things you talk about, not the things you read about. Again, you are only what you actually do.

The clouds are what brought me outside, so I tried to emphasize them in the photos.

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