Monday, June 8, 2009

Playing around

I still haven't done anything serious. I'm a little sad about it, but not like I was last week!

I was recently reminded of my great-grandfather's pocket watch. I had not seen it since I moved. I dug it out. Now I need to make a trip to a jewelry store, because sometime between the last time I looked at it and now it stopped working.

Broken watches aren't much fun. True, they are correct twice a day, but that isn't very useful. I'd like to actually carry it. It should still be serviceable, at least Google tells me it is.

I'm not so happy with this picture. The light is too hard. I may reset the shot up using an umbrella. I didn't do that tonight because I didn't have time to rig a way to keep light off the background if I was using an umbrella. Light out of umbrellas seems to just go everywhere. I will be helped out in that I will keep the light close to the watch, but I didn't have time to thing about that much either (umbrellas can be unruly shooting close in on something this small).

So, watch this space for a second picture any time now.

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