Monday, April 13, 2009

Visual building blocks

Every image I made this weekend was lacking. I had a lot of near misses. If I just look at results I can consider it a series of photographic failures.

But before I get into that, here is a successful picture from a couple weekends ago. In this series I flirted with disaster by choosing to use razor thin depth of field. When I make stuff like this I judge sharpness by the subject's eyes.

Now, on to the disaster that was this weekend.

Sunday was Easter and my youngest's birthday. It was interesting combination.

I saw this shadow in my window and thought it might make a good backdrop for an Easter picture.

As you will see it almost works. I can't tell if its a good idea poorly executed (blown highlight, compromised composition, etc) or just a bad idea. I'm not sure a dark black cross background really conveys the positive message I wanted.

The next two are birthday snaps. Photographically they are disasters, but because of the subject matter, they are the only successful images this weekend.

I decided to go outside for a bit.

My model wasn't enthused.

I managed to get an idea started before she was done.

With a few more minutes I think I could have gotten something good here. It probably involves a longer lens, and a slight tweak to exposure. But, I was never given a chance.

Seven year olds dude.

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