Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Senior Moment with D

Reflector camera left. Basic, nice shot.

Today was one of those days. You know the ones, you spend half the day in bed and then spend about half of your wake time pre-occupied with taxes, and various other equally as pleasant thoughts and tasks.

But tonight, things seem a bit better. Tax materials are all organized, and the tedious process of entering numbers has started. I just hope I didn't sleep too much today, I want to be able to sleep tonight.

Umbrella camera left, ambient 1/2 under. The wind helped us out a bit.

I had a good giggle at the terrible spring picture Lifetouch made of my daughter. Its unfortunate, they made a pretty decent one in the fall. They actually seem to do a pretty good job all-around given the constraints of their picture making. I do an "assembly-line" type shoot every year too, and it is extremely hard to get good shots. I learned a long time ago its best to setup very safe and boring lighting, and then try to talk people into given me a look or an expression that carries the picture.

Umbrella camera right, flash on the background, foreground ambient neutral.

Its nothing like the chance I had early this month to do a senior portrait session with D. I got to try a number of things with lighting and backgrounds. Unfortunately rain dropped out of the sky before we had a chance to play in town, maybe next time!

I like the warm/cool going on here-- I even like the flare, even though it robbed me of a bit contrast. Crosslight, umbrella camera right, ambient 1-2 stops under

She was a lot of fun to work with and did a fantastic job!


Josh Ploch said...

I heard a rumor about these - they turned out really nice!

Ken said...

I've started rumors!??

Thanks for the kind word. These were fun to do!