Thursday, April 16, 2009


In today's digital world how many of us still make prints? I don't know a numeric answer, but I do know the answer is "probably not enough." I try to get prints made occasionally, but probably not enough. For example, I have an album with "selects" from every roll of film I shot of my daughter as she grew from a whee baby to a small toddler. What do I have of my son's same journey? One or two images strung into a memory board, and a whole mess of files.

Lately, I have sought out a lab. I had been using the local Ritz Camera for personal stuff. However, a couple of bad experiences and I knew I needed to go elsewhere. I have enough frustration to deal with, without adding inconsistent photolabs to the list.

Looks Good on Metallic Paper

This week I sent some files to Mpix and had some 4x6 and 6x9 prints on various papers. I'm impressed. The stuff looks good. They are probably the best 4x6 prints I have gotten in a long, long time. The "normal" paper seems to do better with people than the metallic. I do like the sense of "different" the metallic paper imparts to people shots though. That concept, seems to work best with my more "dramatic" (I guess a cynic might call it overlit?) stuff.

Why 6x9? I wanted a bigger print than 4x6. But I wanted one that still maintaned the 2:3 aspect ratio of my sensor. Or, in other words, I didn't want to crop to a different aspect ratio.


bigkiwicandy said...

nice blog!

Ken said...

I appreciate your kind word! Thanks!