Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Flower (note flower is not plural)

Alright, I admit, flowers are not the most exciting subject. Its probably because there are bajillions of flower pictures out there. Even though I feel this way, every year I trudge out the tripod and aim the camera at a flower. Every year I get junk for my efforts.

I decided this year was different. I knew I couldn't make an amazing flower image. Its just not in my blood. However, I could do a cool series. I decided to photograph a single flower daily until it opened up. I tried to mimic the composition from day to day. I shot on overcast days, a rainy day, a few days after a rain, and sunny days. It was a fun exercise. I am unsure if I would like any of these as stand-a-lone images. But I like the group as a whole.

Enjoy the sequence!

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