Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Staring at the Ceiling

These photos are kin to the staircase I shot earlier. I decided the fan needed a portrait as I stared at the ceiling this weekend. Ceiling-staring, in case you haven't tried it, is a brilliant way to pass time if you don't want to think about anything important.

These images have a lot of the things I find interesting in them. I am a sucker for warm colors. I also like the earthy feel of browns. I also like the hint of blur in the blades. I also think I did a decent job composing them. I at least did well enough the little voice in my head isn't proclaiming that it sucks.

The photos were made with ambient light provided by the fan-fixture itself, and a blip of bounced off camera flash to freeze the blades. The white balance is set for the flash-- this is why the image is so warm.

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