Friday, April 24, 2009

Self -portrait with a cell phone

This is completely different for me. Its rare I'm on the other side of the camera, although its fitting I'm the person that stuck me there.

How to make a picture like this? This is taken right about sunset. The main light is provided by my car's headlights. The pin-point "flash" on the phone provides what little fill it can. I cropped out some crud to the left (its hard to compose when you can't see what you are getting). I added a bit of sharpening and vignette in post.

An interesting thought hit me while making this picture, which is the only reason I posted it here. It is uncomfortable to sit on asphalt that has random little gravels on it. That is a given, so what was this interesting thought I mentioned? In 1994 I was sitting in a similarly uncomfortable place. Then, though, I was on a full gravel driveway and I wasn't making a picture. I was having the most important conversation in my life. I was telling, or more accurately, trying to tell a girl I had a serious crush on her. I didn't really get it out properly, but that was okay she already knew. Girls have a way of knowing these things.

I am now married to that girl. It amazes me my life really started sitting uncomfortably on gravel, staring up at my favorite person in the world. It also amazes me it was so long ago!

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