Monday, August 1, 2016

Nineteen Years

Its become a bit of a tradition to celebrate our wedding anniversary on August 2.  Mostly, this is because we got married on August 2.  August 2, 1997-- 19 years ago, which explains the blog post's title perfectly.

Nineteen year's is not really a long time.  I hope we have 3 or 4 more nineteen year cycles in us.  That is pushing the limits of a human lifespan hard though.

No matter how many we have left, I want to spend them all with her.  Hopefully she agrees. I'm pretty excited to have reached this point.  I also know I wouldn't have wanted any other path in life than the one I'm on with her right now.

To bring this in line with past posts, I shall say a small piece about the number 19.

It feels like a strange number to me, there aren't too many things that stand out when I think of "19".

But there are two.

A go board is a 19x19 grid.  The game grows on the board organically, each player adding to the board, compromising with the other, disagreeing over this area or that area, or the meaning of a previous move, giving up areas to your playing partner, and so on.  In the end, there is an eventual winner, but its the path to the end that matters.  That is a bit like life I think.  It certainly is a bit like marriage, except for the winner part.

The only other think I an think of, off hand, regarding the 19 is it became important in the later novels of Stephen King's Dark Tower, and popped up everywhere.

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