Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Trying, and failing, again

So, I tried this idea out a while ago.

It is still not where I want it.  Tobias is a bit too squirmy, I need to try this with someone who can sti completely still for about 30 seconds (Just like the olden days of photography!). 

But, I improved over the last attempt.  I did not try to hand hold this. I made sure the camera stayed the same distance away by laying down some boards as runners. I didn't use the polarizing filter because that introduced splotchiness last time.

I also tried a vertical framing from the camera, which I think worked a bit better.

Photoshop still will not automerge these, so its a lot of building and masking completely by hand. 

I do think it is neat how his eye and the top of his head is on the same focal plane.

But, I will need to give this another try, or three.  To make this work with Tobias, or similarly stillness-challenged individual I will probably need to build a rig that allows the six shots to be done very very quickly.

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