Monday, August 10, 2015

More thoughts on smaller gear (or yet another excuse to bundle together unrelated photos)

Roughly a year ago I put together a retrospective from a year of using my x100s. (I had fun looking through those pictures just now ... )  This isn't quite like that, but it is similar.

I ended that post speculating about an interchangeable lens X-camera.

Well, a friend of mine was selling a complete, lightly used Fuji XE2 kit.  He made an offer I couldn't refuse.  I wanted to refuse.  I tried.  I did.  In fact most of the time I sit a "want" in front myself I say no and move on. But, this time, I realized I would have seriously regretted that decision.

At some point I will need to add the Fuji's 56/1.2 to the mix, but for the time being I'm good.  More than good.

It felt strange to me to get complete kit ranging from a fisheye all the way out to 200mm in one fell swoop.  I'm the type of person who builds up a kit slowly.  It was slightly overwhelming.  I tried each lens out for a small period of time, and have turned my attention to one.  I have been primarily using the 35mm/1.4.

It hasn't changed life much over carrying the x100s with me.  The ability to change lenses does bring me back to my comfort zone though.  The x100s is slightly wider than I see the world, but that has advantages too.  The new camera has created options.  My tiny daily bag (Domke F5xb) can now carry a camera and a second lens, or TWO cameras alongside all the other crap I carry on a daily basis.  It still seems impossible, and I've had a check a few times that the bag isn't a bag of holding.

If I had to rely on my SLRs to make the pictures in the post, then I would have only have one out of the four.  Anyone want to guess which one? [Note: Its not that this camera is more capable than my SLRs, its just I wouldn't have had SLRs with me, or I wouldn't have pulled them out of the bag]

Still probably won't dump my SLR kit, although anything I have that is aimed at "walk-about" situations may get shown the door.  I also may get rid of lenses that act mostly as backup, and just fill that role with a Fuji counterpart.

Despite how genuinely excited I am by this, I really don't feel like writing about it.  Which means, I doubt you feel like reading this.

But, I do want the excuse to just add a few pictures to my dusty corner of the web (all from the XE2 + 35 of course).

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