Thursday, May 1, 2014

This time in Stereo

The reason for this post is to show this picture with some context.

It is not too terribly often I end up buying something that has no "useful" value aside from fun.  When I do it is almost always centered around music.  It is either things like CDs, or records, or high resolution digital files, or musical instruments I don't know how to play (yet).  In the rarest cases it is gear like headphones, amps, and speakers.

Part of the plan for my goal, now turned obsession, to clean the house up was to reclaim wasted areas and make them into something useful.  I decided to setup some space to use as a reading and listening area.  Its currently using a work-lamp attached to a broken (photo) light-stand for reading light, but the listening part is complete. 

Quick grabshot of the stereo.  The key is a picture of Tobias hiding the networked music feed.

Basic setup is a turntable, a home-pieced-together network music player that integrates with my Squeezebox server, integrated stereo amp, home-made speaker stands, and a pair of "good" speakers.

This makes me want to participate more in music-picture project.

Now I have "reclaimed" two areas of the house.  I'll call this second area a sort of "study". The first area reclaimed I setup into a workbench/shop area. 

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