Saturday, March 22, 2014


The Exit

Lately I've been throwing a lot of spare time into the "getting the house organized" that I listed as one of my 2014 goals.

Red Window

I got our storage room organized.  I ended up making so much extra space in there I was able to build a workbench in part of the area, still have storage room, and still have lots of open room for the exercise equipment use.  I followed this design.  I didn't do it perfect, but when you throw 2x4s and plywood together with drywall screws, I think perfection is unachievable anyway.  If you do that build, I recommend using liquid nails under the tops of the main bench, and large shelf before screwing it down.  Also be advised the cost is more than $50 now-a-days.  Especially if you add a light, a bench vice, and other things like that to it. This also aided in organization because now all my tools are in one spot, and I won't set projects up on the kitchen counter, or tables anymore.  I shouldn't really have done that anyway.


Next up is our upstairs room.  I'm rearranging things, putting a small stereo up there, and simply better using the space available.

I'm also dumping lots of stuff that has been around far longer than it has been useful to me.  One example, the computer I built in for college about 20 years ago, and the one I built 15 years ago.  My phone can emulate them.  My phone can emulate more powerful computers than both of those.  There was no reason to still them.  I DO still have my Amiga 500.  Yes, that can be emulated too, but ...

Desk Toy

I also found a chance to work on my photography.  Zack Arias is leading people through some "fundamental" assignments on his DEDPXL site.  I've written before that I think fundamentals are key, and revisiting them often is a good way to just get better.  The first assignment is lines.  If you hurry you can get in on the first one too.

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