Monday, November 4, 2013

Quick Trip to Tennessee

I suppose "quick" should never be used to describe a trip that is about 800 miles one way.  But that is how I need to describe it.  My brother and I headed out west sometime Friday night and returned by Sunday night.

I know, some of you are scratching your heads wondering why in the world would I be in a car that long with Jon.  Okay, no, that is not why you are scratching your head. You are wondering what is so darn important to cram into a car for that much time in less than a 3 day span of time.

First, it looks amazing out there right?  And who doesn't want to feed calves?

Okay, I've already admitted here that landscapes aren't my thing, despite how amazing it looks that would not warrant such a drive.  I suppose feeding calves is fun, but I can do that much closer to home if I really wanted to.

No, the reason we went was because this guy was getting married.

I am really happy I got the chance to go.  It's good seeing family and meeting new people.  It was also a very memorable event.

I need to get back sometime in the future.  Hopefully I'd get to stay for a longer a period of time and bring my own family with me.  I'd also like to stop at Nashville on the way back home.

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