Sunday, April 28, 2013

Maximum Impact Set

Maximum Impact

This is a set from one of the more expensive pictures I've made recently. 

I needed to buy the stand that is holding that bag up.  That isn't too big of a deal, though.  It has been on our "get someday" list.  This one has a pull up bar on it, which is something I will use.

But, that isn't what made it expensive.  My backup camera took in some of that powder flying around, and a one disastrous cleaning error later...  I had an expensive day on my hands!  Its okay, I am getting it repaired.  But its a very serious chunk of change I could have used somewhere else.

But, its worth it.  I like how these look, and without that powder flying around it would not look as cool.  I also really enjoyed the time spent making these.  It was a lot of fun, a few laughs, and the idea was working so I was pretty comfortable from the start.  I also learned a little bit about my processing workflow, and how I can refine an idea down what I have in my head.

In the end I have this picture.  The only thing I would have done differently is exercised a bit more thought and caution while cleaning out the camera. 

Every picture costs something, time, tears, lost sleep, or money-- this one cost me a camera repair!


dan said...

These really turned out awesome! Sorry about the backup camera though.

Ken said...

Thanks! It is okay about the camera. A few years from now, I'll have the picture, and I won't remember the borked camera!