Thursday, January 24, 2013

Puppy Stalking

Its been a while since a put up a doggy picture.  So, here are a few.  There isn't too much to say about these.  But, I guess there are a few completely random things to say.  Dogs are uncooperative.  This makes them similar to toddlers.

Jazzy has been relatively good lately.  For example, I can't recall the last time she decided to eat something expensive.  She did recently try to eat something important though. The paper I have my passwords listed on is missing a corner or two, and has teeth marks on it..  I really should keep them somewhere better.

The hurricane scared her.  Now whenever there is any big wind she stands around with her head and tail down and shakes.  I can't say I blame her that much.  It probably makes her think of the Dust in the Wind video--  And have you seen that!!?

Recently she has learned to ask for food.  She will bark, and nudge, and try to lead to her food bag.  The funny thing about this is she assumes neither Carly or I knows when the other has fed her.  But we know.  I don't think she's gotten any extra bowls food.

She hates football.  Well, that probably isn't true.  She hates it when people watch football.  Its not so much the watching that bothers her, but the yelling and screaming does.  But that is the commercials, its worse when the game is actually being played.  She was particularly upset about Tom Brady's final interception of the season.  There was noise all around.  She can't tell the difference between happy yells and sad yells it seems.

Somehow or another she has decided she is second in charge of our pack.  At least she understands I am first.  We are working on fixing that entire delusion.

Along those lines she also knows when I am home she isn't suppose to bark.  Have you ever heard a dog barked with her mouth closed?  Its hysterical.  The best part is she doesn't think we notice what she is doing.

 She's napping now.  I wish I was napping.

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