Sunday, October 28, 2012

Batten Down the Hatches!

Hurricane Sandy is fixin to smash into the east coast pretty soon.  Like most we did a little preparation ahead of the storm. 

Here is a little breakdown of what we put together.

Items 1 and 2

These items take care of our basic liquid needs.

1.  Gatorade.  Water is useful stuff, but the stress of chasing two bored kids around will work up the need for something more.

2.  Water and water filter.  Sometimes Gatorade stops tasting good.  The filter enabled us to have decent water despite every store in 100 miles being sold out of bottled water (panic much people?)

Items 3 - 5

Basic non-perishable food items.  None of these need preparation, and are fairly easy to find even in the dark.

3. Beef Jerky.  This is a staple.  Even the dog likes it.

4. Crackers. Crunchy.  There is even a variety pack in there.

5. Cashews.  Delicious.

Items 6-9

Just some basic necessary items.

6.  Batteries.  These can power a number of small useful items.  Unfortunately everyone is out of lantern batteries and when I checked our (unused) pair they were dead.  We will still make do if we lose power.  The real question is will our gas fire place flare up without electric.  Maybe we'll just turn it on early tomorrow and let it run.

7.  Flashlight.  Since our lantern will be out of commission this could become important.

8.  Toilet Paper.  Do I need to explain this?  The last major weather event ( Snowmaggedon ) we were down to very little TP.  It was absolutely terrifying.

9.  Cash.  This isn't very much, but is enough to get us somewhere that can accept credit cards.  The cars have gas, and if we have to leave, and it is possible-- we can get out of here.  We would head southwest.

Items 10-14

These are completely emergency backup.  If we reach needing these items we are all in serious trouble.  Not in as much trouble as we would be in if we ran out of toilet paper-- but close to it.

10.  A bow.  In case we run out of beef jerky.  Or someone tries to steal our beef jerky.  Plus there are a ton of fat squirrels and skinny rabbits around my house.  There are also deer hanging out within reasonable hiking distance.  Guns would be smarter/easier but I refuse to keep ammunition in the house until the kids are older and I am smarter.

11. Arrows.  Bows aren't much use without arrows.

12 and 13.  A variety of arrow heads.  Arrows work better with proper heads.  The naked shaft can work... but that is just silly.

14.  Knife.  It is carry-able and is sized to take care of most tasks.  Our kitchen knives would be better suited to any serious business though.

This is part of our preparation.  There are things that are hard to put in pictures.  All my data is backed up, twice, and one of the drives is easy to take with me.  We have our devices charged up.  We have books.  We have magazines.  We have each other.

It will be a good time. 

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